Jack’s National Karting Debut Makes Podium!

Fighting from 9th place, Jack Proctor finished a very credible 3rd place in the recent KartSport New Zealand National Sprint Championship, held at Blenheim over the Easter Weekend.


This is quite an achievement for 11 year old Jack, who came to the Nationals, Cadet Raket Class, “looking for experience”. Jack is part of NZ Motorsport, GP Racing Karting Team trained and helped by Daniel Bray.

Towards the end of the race Jack witnessed a crash and it was at this point that he realised he was in with a chance of placing. “Witnessing the crash must have given me a shot of adrenaline . I was so excited and happy to get a place!”

His next race is June the 4th.

Go for it Jack!

Photo Credit: Fast Company/Blair Hall-Imagepress