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Car Stacker


The Products are developed by Mutrade, to provide customers with a more reliable and stable usable parking equipment.
Hydro-Park 1123 is a new Two Post Parking Lift. It’s a kind of a valet parking equipment, suitable for both Commercial and Residential Parking purposes.

It moves only vertically, so the users have to clear the ground level to get the higher level car down. It is Hydraulic driven with chains.

The equipment can be used for both Sedans & Small SUV’s.

– Commercial grade design

– Galvanized and corrugated platform guarantee safety and long lifetime

– Anti-slip corrugated deck protect both vehicle and driver from possible slip and damage but still high-heel shoe friendly

– Single hydraulic lifting cylinders with chains as driven system

– The pole with piston is chroming to anti-corrode to ensure its long using life

– Individual hydraulic power pack and control panel

– Self-standing and self-support structure

– Symmetrical designed column

– Can be relocated

– Special designed control arm for operator to control the lift without getting under the platform

– Synchronization chain assuring the lifting platform balance

– 2300kg capacity for most types of vehicles

– Middle post sharing feature save cost and space.

– Electric key switch for security and safety. A new “LOCK DOWN” button for platform sitting on locking tab to protect cylinder

– Automatic shut-off if operator releases the key switch

– Dynamic mechanical locks as anti-falling device hold the platform in place

– Manual lock release available in case electricity failure

– Platform can be stopped at different heights for various vehicles and ceiling heights

– Hydraulic overloading protection

Hydro-Park 1123

h1(mm) 3080

h2(mm) 2100

h3(mm) 1805

Operation key switch.
Lifting / Lowering time 45/50 sec.
Power pack- 2.2 kw hydraulic power pump.
Lifting capacity- 2300kg
Equipment Weight-1000kg
Lifting Height 2100mm