Eco Homes


Let us Help you Build your Dream Sustainable, Eco Home

Logical Group have been working with Eco Home Designer to provide you with the initial resources for designing your dream sustainable container home.

If you have always been interested in building your home using sustainable, recycled, off-grid, DIY products and systems then look no further. We have years of experience building a large variety of homes for customers with different requirements. We know exactly where to start, how to design it and even how to approach your council regarding approval concerns.

There are a growing number of sustainable and eco-friendly products on the market, so it can be quite tricky in deciding how to assess and decide the ones best suited for your eco-home’s requirements. This is where our knowledge and experience comes in, so let us be of help and help you to turn your ideas into plans.

The eco home area is a strong focus for us, and have managed to grow so quickly in this space because we can accurately and descriptively provide the resources and knowledge to bridge the knowledge gap of – “this is interesting but I have no idea what’s next” to “we now have a clear set of action steps for building our perfect eco home”.

Contrary to what you may have heard, designing your eco home CAN BE one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of your lives. Logical Solutions will make sure that IT IS.


Perfect for a family who enjoy outdoor entertaining and relaxation. From the street this elegant home is a fairly simple design with straight wooden boards for external cladding. The wooden cladding dramatically changes the look of this shipping container home which uses 10 high cube 20ft shipping containers. The 6m x 6m garage at the […]


This unique EcoHome stays true to its structure, by showing off the shipping container’s original exterior finish. Painted in green, this modern house will attract the eyes of every single passer-by. The SCH 15 is built from two separate 40ft containers, joined together by a large, covered breezeway. So due to its divided design, it […]


This incredible glass-front home offers all the commodities of a double-storey house without ever having to climb any stairs. The wood vertical stilts that form the exterior finish give it a modern-style look, while the glass front allows you to see the beautiful view from any part of this EcoHome, whether you’re lying in bed […]


Who said an Eco Home couldn’t be regarded as contemporary architecture? This amazing double storey cantilever home is proof that almost anything can be built with shipping containers. With a modern wooden cladding on the exterior and a cantilevered second floor, this container home is nothing short from breathtaking. The front door to the house […]


If you’re a small family or a newlywed couple looking to buy their new home, then this 2 bedroom container home is perfect for you. Its unique exterior, along with its wooden deck make for a modern house that’s perfect for starting in the Eco Home living. At the front door, a lovely wooden porch […]


This shipping container home is an incredible home for large families who enjoy spending time together or spending time with their friends. The large dining room and living room are located in the centre of the house, which makes these areas the heart of the home, ideal for entertaining guests or enjoying some quality family time. […]


This is a beautiful house made up 4 X 40ft shipping containers, arranged in a L-shape. It is perfect for a large family or a group of roommates, as it has three bedrooms and a large, living/dining room in the centre of the house. The cream coloured panels that make up its exterior finish give […]


If you’re a couple or individual looking to try out the Shipping Container Cabin experience, then this single 12m shipping container eco cabin is well worth a look. With one large bedroom and private bathroom, this house doesn’t fall far behind from today’s modern apartments. It has everything you need, plus an eco-friendly structure that also holds a […]