Laundry room
Wood deck extension

Product Description

This unique EcoHome stays true to its structure, by showing off the shipping container’s original exterior finish. Painted in green, this modern house will attract the eyes of every single passer-by.
The SCH 15 is built from two separate 40ft containers, joined together by a large, covered breezeway. So due to its divided design, it makes for a perfect creative working or co working space. However, it can also become a comfortable home for a couple, two sharing roommates or even a business executive living on his/her own.
To enter the house, climb a couple of steps through the courtyard onto the front wooden deck. Slide the large floor-to-ceiling glass door and step into the huge 5.2m x 3.0m breezeway. This space divides the house into two sections, the private section of the house, accessible to your right, and the public section to your left. Let’s begin turning to your right into the private space, built using one of the two 40ft containers.
As you slide the glass doors, you’re looking into the 4.7m x 2.4m studio, where you can fit a single large desk, or a couple of smaller desks in rows or for a more informal-style office, set them around the room, against the walls.
Opposite to the door are two glass windows where you can look out into if you’re working long hours at the desk.
Standing in the middle of the studio, if you go through the door on your right, you’ll find the 4.7m x 2.4m bedroom, where you can comfortably fit a full-size bed and a big closet. If you head for the door on the left of the studio, you will have entered the 2.5m x 2.4m bathroom, with toilet, sink and a medium-sized shower. The bathroom has its own window for natural ventilation in case the mirror gets foggy.

To access the public part of the house, return to the breezeway and now slide the floor-to-ceiling door on your left. Walking into the living room, you’re now inside the north section, and more public space of the house, which uses the second 40ft shipping container as structure. The living room is 3.4m x 5.2m, big enough to fit a couple of sofas and a telly in front. In case you like big gatherings, you can always set the dining table in the breezeway and open up the glass doors onto the wood deck extension.
To the right of the living room, is the kitchen of 3.4m x 4.2m. This huge kitchen will allow you to prepare any meal whether you’re a handy husband cooking a delicious dinner for your wife or a tireless, work-from-home freelancer having a midnight snack.
On the opposite side from the kitchen, is the 3.4m x 2.5m laundry room with an optional extra toilet, for guest use. If you’re a couple with a busy lifestyle, nothing comes more useful than a large laundry room to hang an entire week’s worth of laundry. Or maybe you are a creative freelancer with a big dog who’s going to need regular baths. Whichever the situation, a spacious laundry room is always convenient.
If you’re looking to live in a shipping container home with all of its perks, then this is the home for you. Designed to be space-efficient, without compromising comfort.

Ideal for:
Couple, Co working space, Corporate housing

Can be built on:
Flat building site, with correct footings, most soil types

Residential, commercial or office accommodation

Type of footings required:
Slab, stilts/poles/posts

Total undercover area:

Total inside area:

Total liveable area:

1 Bedroom (1 @ 4.7m x 2.4m)

1 @ 2.5m x 2.4m

3.4m x 4.2m

Living room:
3.4m x 5.2m