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Logical solutions offer 24/7 affordable self storage units located in Takanini, South Auckland. Our Auckland container hire is accessible 24/7 – meaning exactly that – you will have access to any of your goods, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – it’s essentially the same as storing goods, equipment or assets in your own personal home.

Our containers are well ventilated, waterproof and exceptionally secured. Not only that but they are continually monitored around the clock with our advanced security system, so you can be assured your goods are more than safe. Because of our large size, our container storage hire facility is one of the cheapest and most competitively priced across Auckland.

We have a broad range of different sized containers for hire depending on your space requirements. We offer mini storage units for your basic storage needs, all the way up to fully dedicated 40-ft container hire.

The most popular are our 20-foot containers, which hold up to 43.5m3. This is the perfect size for a households or businesses  accumulating excessive furniture, office equipment, vehicles or other large assets.
The cost to rent a 20-foot containers is $293.25 inc GST per month.

If the 20-foot containers are too large we also have 10-foot containers which hold between 18 and 20m3. These may be more suited to storing leftover personal items, or perhaps even as temporary storage during an office or home relocation.

We also offer even smaller units which are 40-foot containers that have been partitioned, separated and customised with installed roller doors. These have seperate units that hold between 6m3 and 10m3.

To store an entire house full of goods, we do also provide dedicated 40-foot containers that can hold up to 67.6m3.

We also offer your own container storage, so if you already have your own container we can store it for with ease.

These containers can also easily store your vehicles, such as cars or boats, depending on size. If you’re after something more specialised to vehicle storage, we also offer our own specialised car storage at our Ardmore site.

Affordable 24/7 secure storage- Auckland

Mini Storage Units - Auckland

Small Mini-Storage Units – 12M3 – $121.50/month (inc. GST)

Our smallest units are converted 40-foot container with roller doors.

These have multiple smaller storage units that vary in size between 6m3 and 10m

10 foot storage container

10 Foot Container Hire – $147.50/month (inc. GST)

Our 10-foot storage containers are the perfect alternative to our much larger options. Our standard-height containers offer 18m3, while our high-height containers will give you a little extra breathing room for taller items, offering 20m3.

This sized container will easily accomodate a large trailer load of furniture.

20 foot storage container

20 Foot Container Hire – $293.25/month (inc. GST)

Our 20-foot storage containers are the perfect size for the growing households or businesses that require that little bit extra space and security. They offer up to of 43.5mspace.

40 foot storage shipping container

40 Foot Container Hire  – $552/month (inc. GST)

Our 40-foot storage containers provide the size and space for the entire house. They are ideal for importers and distributors who want to minimise their overheads and utilise this space for an entire product storage and distribution solution.

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